Congratulations to Tadas and Simona, dear friends so fine,
Embarking on a honeymoon in Japan, oh how divine!
Amidst sushi and cherry blossoms, a comical scene unfolds,
Laughs and adventures, the tale of their love unfolds.
Lost in translation, they order food with a grin,
Mumbling mispronunciations, culinary mishaps begin.

From trying to use chopsticks, dropping sushi with flair,
Their journey through flavors becomes a hilarious affair.
In kimono mishaps, they get entangled with glee,
Tripping over fabric, a sight for all to see.

But with laughter as their guide, they embrace each blooper,
Creating memories in Japan that only grow looper.
So here's to Tadas and Simona, in laughter they abound,
A honeymoon filled with joy, where funny moments abound.
May their love blossom like cherry trees in spring,
As they explore Japan, the land of laughter they bring.

Simona ir Tadai,

projektuokite ir programuokite savo bendrą gyvenimą tik taip, kaip jums būtų gražu ir veiktų. Front'endas, back'endas, dizainas - visus resursus turite, esate puiki komanda!

Sveikinam, apkabinam ir labai palaikom!
Artūras, Kristina, Marius