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We are deeply passionate about helping brands and businesses realize their potential through e-commerce. This is rapidly changing field and we are being open-minded to new things and possibilities that technology gives us!

Now more than ever before we can make an impact and we are glad to be able to work with people who create something meaningful.


I am Arturas, co-founder of BBOLD.ONLINE, a place where new e-commerce projects are being deployed 🚀

Since 2010, I was curiously exploring e-commerce business possibilities and putting my knowledge into practice. While running my own e-commerce store, I know one thing for sure - things always change. Therefore, small businesses need to look for ways to improve, grow and learn new things constantly.

In 2016 I started consulting friends and small business owners. Seeing great results and positive feedback helped me boost consulting and web development services, and now I’ve become a full-time Shopify Partner.

BBOLD.ONLINE was born out of cooperation with ALL DIGITAL.GROUP and together we can help you realize your potential through e-commerce!

If you need any help with Shopify store setup, guidance or custom development, please don't hesitate to connect!

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