How to get a FREE Shopify plan?

Wait.. where is the catch?
Can you really get a FREE Shopify plan?!

Of course!
If I sign you up using my Shopify Partner dashboard, you can have your Free Shopify plan and build your store at your own pace. Or you can hire me to set up your store if you're feeling stuck.

This means that you are not limited to a 14 day trial and you are free to develop and test your store until it is ready to launch! Also, you can process up to 50 orders for testing purposes with no charge! Isn't that a great deal? :)

After you've built your store and when you're ready to scale further, I will create a store transfer for you. It's all completely Free! You can only pay me if you use my services to help you launch :)

Get FREE access now!

Please fill out this form and include your brand name.
If you haven't come up with a name yet, no worries! Just enter any name that comes to mind (like John's store or whatever - this won't be visible to your customers) and I'll be happy to set up a development store for you! Completely Free!


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