Platform Comparison: Shopify vs Wix

Kurią platformą pasirinkti: Shopify ir Wix palyginimas

Almost everyone needs a website when starting a business. If you have already decided not to program it but to choose a convenient platform to manage it can be difficult to decide. All of them have attractive advertising, all of them promise a lot.

We're biased, of course, but this video might help you decide. Here is a specific comparison between the two platforms - WIX and SHOPIFY.

To begin with it is worth mentioning that historically the Wix platform was designed to publish content. Meanwhile, Shopify was built for e-commerce. However, Wix has added quite a few new functionalities needed for email. For the store and Shopify is increasingly good for content. So everything is not so simple both platforms are chasing each other.

Cheklist:  things to pay attention to when choosing a platform:

  • What is your goal?
    If you just want to introduce yourself and collect contacts, the WIX platform is more suitable for you. However, if you are thinking about selling (even if only in the future) - choose SHOPIFY right away, because sooner or later you will need it.
  • Price.
    Take a close look at pricing and calculate your costs today and tomorrow. WIX has different price plans for websites ( Website Plans ) and e-mail. for commerce ( Business and eCommerce Plans ). SHOPIFY offers three basic plans. But for some, only the BUY button ( Shopify Lite ) will be enough in the beginning. And others need more than the maximum plan - Shopify Plus .
  • Customer service.
    Pay attention to which channels, at what hours it is possible to apply, how quickly they respond to requests. Does it suit your working hours (choosing WIX) or are you more comfortable with 24/7 support (SHOPIFY).
  • Templates.
    Quantity, quality, responsiveness to screen size change, possibility of personalization. WIX templates are managed separately for mobile and desktop screens. For some it's a plus, for some it's just extra work. However, they have more free options. SHOPIFY templates are "built" with sales and conversion in mind.
  • Ease of use.
    Assigning settings to the product, filling in other sections is easy on both platforms. Management is intuitive. The biggest advantage of SHOPIFY is the management of delivery settings.
  • Additional apps.
    Additional apps are needed for almost every e-mail. for the store. WIX has even 300 of them. But SHOPIFY has about 6000 of them!

Watch the full video here:

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