Who is Shopify good for?

Kam tinka Shopify?
Briefly about who the Shopify platform is good for:
(in all cases we are talking about e-commerce, but we also have examples of portfolio or landing pages in our portfolio)

1. You want to start selling online because you have an idea and maybe a product.
Shopify is a great fit because you can have a professional look at minimal cost. All in all, Shopify is a cheap option in the starting position, because you don't need hosting services, you don't need to hire programmers, and there are a lot of free applications to expand the functionality. In addition, the platform is super intuitive, very convenient. Everyone will catch on. Immediately think ahead at least 5 years. If the business succeeds, will you want to work with a low-cost platform or with a platform that meets your needs? A large part of our work consists of migrations from other platforms. This is because as businesses grow, simple or outdated platforms are no longer enough, and entrepreneurs get tired of working with them.

2. You already have a product and want to improve sales results or expand to other countries.
Shopify offers huge opportunities for website optimization (SEO). Shopify Markets makes international expansion and ongoing administration as easy as 1-2-3. The Shopify App Store is an app store full of upsell/crosssell/marketing and other useful tools. Easy management, integrations with the business tools you use, detailed analytics and automated processes take your productivity to the next level.

3. You are big market players.
You will benefit from Shopify most for productivity on the business side. Automated marketing: customer segmentation, specific targeting. Integrations with your accounting/warehouse system. Customizing the visuals to your specific design (not a template). Optimization and upselling functionality. Easy to work with different markets, adapting the store to the country. Shopify POS - the ability to sell in physical stores from the same "warehouse".

4. You are a huge corporation that sells both online globally and in physical stores (up to 1000 locations).
You'll soon be working with the Shopify Plus plan, which offers a whole new level of e-commerce ecosystem. Adding Shopify POS Pro gives you a complete sales, warehouse management infrastructure. A wealth of tools and a dedicated support team. Shopify Plus helps make complicated business decisions as simple as possible.

We can help with each of these as our clients cover all of these options. From startups to giants, Shopify has something for everyone, because both the platform and we are all about your success.
Get in touch and we'll help you choose a Shopify plan, theme, set up features and settings. Or do you have a more challenging challenge for us?