How to lay out the menu so that it is clear to both the store visitor and Google?
Today, "About Us" is no longer such an important page to give it a place at the top. Don't waste the most significant space. Unless you have very few items and are heavily focused on storytelling.

The choice of Parcel Machines already seems like a must-have feature to the buyer. The Shopify platform usually does not allow easy adjustment of the checkout window, so how to give the buyer the opportunity to conveniently choose a parcel machine during the purchase?

Almost everyone needs a website when starting a business. If you have already decided not to program it, but to choose a convenient platform to manage, it can be difficult to choose. All of them have attractive advertising, all of them promise a lot. We're biased, of course, but this video might help you decide. Here is a specific comparison between the two platforms - WIX and SHOPIFY.

BBOLD.ONLINE belongs to the group of companies ALL DIGITAL GROUP, which has been organizing the largest e. trade conference. We invite you to meet here again this year, where we will hear 24 presentations in two halls, meet well-known local and international names, experts who have accumulated impressive experience in the e-commerce market.